This exceptionally unique country house is located in the heart of the Estrecho Natural Park, a protected area, making it an exclusive opportunity. With an area of 35,612 square meters and a built area of 427 square meters, this property offers an unparalleled experience in a stunning natural environment, with panoramic views of the Estrecho of Gibraltar and the coast of Morocco.

Original House

The original house, with a minimum capacity for 4 people, is a reflection of traditional charm. It consists of a utility room, two toilets, fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a cozy living room with fireplace, three bedrooms, and a spacious terrace with a porch that offers spectacular views of the strait. Additionally, it has a storage room for added convenience. Attached to the original house, a refurbished building from 4 years ago, with a minimum capacity for 2 people, offers a spacious living room with fireplace and a bedroom with private bathroom, all with panoramic views.

New House

The new house, distributed over two floors and with a minimum capacity for 5 people. It has a bright living room with fireplace, three bedrooms, two of them with stunning views of the strait, and three modern toilets.

Outdoor Amenities

The property boasts an extensive garden, perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature. An old stone oven adds a touch of rustic charm, while a swimming pool offers refreshment and fun during sunny days. Additionally, six covered parking spaces are provided for the convenience of residents and visitors. Both houses are equipped with heating systems to ensure comfort throughout the year.

This property offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Strait Natural Park, while enjoying the comfort and luxury of two stunning houses. An unparalleled gem in a truly privileged environment!